Posted by: bukah | أغسطس 3, 2006

Bring children’s shoes to the demonstration


Children are the main victims of the Bush and Blair wars. Almost half of those killed so far in Lebanon are children. They make up one third of the 3,225 injured, and about 45 per cent of the nearly one million Lebanese refugees are under the age of 18. Bring children’s shoes to the emergency national demonstration on Saturday 5 August. We will leave them at 10 Downing Street. We want a mountain of children’s shoes on Tony Blair’s doorstep to symbolise the horror of his war crimes. And where will Tony Blair be on Saturday, while hundreds of thousands suffer from his war policies and London’s streets throng will people demanding he stop his slavish support for George Bush? Sunning himself on holiday in Barbados. Bring children’s shoes on Saturday to leave on Blair’s doorstep, in memory of all the children who have died from his war policies in Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan.


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