Posted by: bukah | سبتمبر 13, 2006

La Linea “خلف الدهشوري خلف”



  1. I will put this comment w eza ma byezhar beseer fiha za3al 3n jd 😦

  2. I read about it just now on wikipedia

    is an Italian animated series created by Osvaldo Cavandoli. The cartoon features a man walking on an infinite line. The man himself is drawn using one line and is a part of the line he is walking on. The character encounters obstacles and often turns to the cartoonist to draw him a solution. The background color changes as mood or feelings of the character change, but most of the series was black and white

    7elo ..3ajabni..shoo fee ashya2 ma mne3rafha!!!!

  3. walla mesh 3aref but i will see 😉

  4. 7ala ana walla ma ba3raf keef o lesh heak beser if u know tell me i will change that … o min hon la enlage 7al 7agek 3ali 😉

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